Zhejiang Corestar Lighting Appliance Co.,Ltd is the new company for HID and LED lighting.But its predecessor was LELE Lighting,which was established in 2003 and specialized in HPS,MH and CMH lamps. With the development of LED technology in recent years,LED has more and more obvious advantages in the field.LELE lighting incorporated the new company-Corestar lighting to R&D both HID(lamps and digital ballasts) and LED. To this end,we built a new plant of more than 30,000 square meters and introduced Yamaha SMT equipment and produce aluminum profiles by ourselves to increase the competitiveness. With years of experience and the support of all customers and employees,Corestar lighting will continue to work in the lighting industry and strive to be a comprehensive enterprise providing both lighting products and solutions.


Reptile Lighting

This lamp is a self-ballasted mercury lamp, a type of the HID(High Intensity Discharge) lamp. Its radiation spectrum contains medium wave ultraviolet UVB, long wave ultraviolet UVA, visible light and infrared ray. Its spectrum characteristic is similar to solar spectrum in alpine areas. In order to improve lamp working efficiency, we can make reflecting bulbs with evaporation of aluminum,frosted or rough surface. 

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uper high output lamp technology The outer glass shell is made of quartz for explosion-proof The compact shape can dive deep into the sea and withstand strong water pressure Superb co lor temperature and luminance preservarion Magnificent penetration into the deep sea Maximum luminous efficiency by minimizing eletricity loss Any color temperature including green/blue/pink can be customized.

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1. Our own design, our own driver, can OEM/ODM.
2. Provide smart solutions for the project,Especially the greenhouse.
3. Professional R&D team, more than 18 years of experience in LED grow lights.

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